What is Coaching?


There are many types of coaching in today's world. After the Sunday football games, you hear about coaches who did well and those who didn't. I used to say that leadership coaching is much different. However, the job of a sports coach is to help their players reach their full potential. That's what a coach does.


There are several things a leadership coach does not do. Your coach is not a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.  This type of therapy can only be done by trained and licensed professionals. As soon as a coach determines the client’s need includes this type of help, they are both legally and ethically bound to recommend someone to take over. 


In the same way, some people who seek out a coach are really looking for a counselor. They have issues in their past that may be affecting their current quality of life or decision making process. A coach is not a counselor. Nor is your coach an accountability partner.


A mentor walks alongside you on your journey, freely sharing from their knowledge, wisdom and experience. A coach does not try to be a mentor. After all, you may have more knowledge, wisdom and experience than your coach, and that’s okay.


You can see a psychologist, social worker or counselor when you have a diagnosis to deal with. A coach keys on the future. Where you are going is more important than where you have been!