• Target

    Do you feel like you’ve missed the bull’s eye? Do you have the feeling that you’re not quite on target? A coach may be what you need to improve your aim, get the elusive results you know are possible.

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  • I want to change my life – but how?

    My favorite illustration of all time is that of a man with his nose up against a lone tree in a vast desert. The caption is “Help! I’m trapped in an impenetrable forest!” A coach helps you step back, get a new view on life, change perspective, and discover the future that is waiting for you.

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  • Next Level

    After driving 12 hours, I parked the car on the bluff and all four wheels sunk in the mud. Have you ever felt that stuck? It was difficult to move the car. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that hard to get a life out of a rut. Coaching will help you identify the root cause of your challenge, develop solutions, and help you through the steps to get to the next level.

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Discovery Session

Ready to put your toe in the water? The discovery session allows you to explore coaching, just to get the temperature. We will get to know each other, look at what to expect in a coaching relationship, talk about the benefit you are hoping to achieve and what will make coaching a success for you. We’ll try it out. You will experience coaching, perhaps for the first time, and we’ll see how well it fits for you. If you’re ready, we’ll jump in together.

If you decide to sign on, the coaching relationship begins by identifying your dreams and desires: the changes you want to make and the passions you want to pursue. We’ll discover and clarify what your best life is, then create goals and action plans to make it happen. Our coaching relationship will provide a consistent, affirming support structure that will keep you focused and on track. Along the way we’ll find plenty of chances to brainstorm, troubleshoot the obstacles and celebrate your wins. We’ll build an authentic, energizing friendship where we can laugh together, share deeply, and converse with passion about the future.

In a typical coaching relationship, we meet three times per month by phone for 30 minutes to 45 minutes each time, with free e-mail contact and short “spot calls” of five minutes or less between sessions as needed. Our first session will be 60-90 minutes as we get to know each other better and design the details of the relationship based on your objectives and needs.

For this initial “intake” session I’ll send some questions to consider and instructions to read. After that, you’ll choose the action steps you want to take each week.

Depending on the client, I ask for a six or three month commitment up front (it takes a little time to get life-changing results!) and we’ll go month-to-month after that. I’ll send you an agreement that includes these details so we have everything in writing.

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