• Target

    Do you feel like you’ve missed the bull’s eye? Do you have the feeling that you’re not quite on target? A coach may be what you need to improve your aim, get the elusive results you know are possible.

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  • I want to change my life – but how?

    My favorite illustration of all time is that of a man with his nose up against a lone tree in a vast desert. The caption is “Help! I’m trapped in an impenetrable forest!” A coach helps you step back, get a new view on life, change perspective, and discover the future that is waiting for you.

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  • Next Level

    After driving 12 hours, I parked the car on the bluff and all four wheels sunk in the mud. Have you ever felt that stuck? It was difficult to move the car. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that hard to get a life out of a rut. Coaching will help you identify the root cause of your challenge, develop solutions, and help you through the steps to get to the next level.

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Coaching Explained

Often, when people think about a coach, a sports team comes to mind. A good coach will help the players on his team learn from the past and encourage them to focus on the future. You will experience a similar thing here.

Coaching is not counseling or psychotherapy, where the focus may be on the past and repairing yourself. It is not mentoring, where you might expect to receive wisdom and advise based on my past successes and failures. Nor is it consulting, when you might want someone to intervene and do the work for you. (Find out more on the Resources page.)

In an effective coaching relationship, we work together to learn from your insights and abilities. Our common purpose is to maximize your potential, with you always in charge. No one will tell you what to do. As your coach, I have the skill and training needed to help you identify, clarify and solidify what you really want in life and business, help you with action plans to get there, and walk with you through the process.

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